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APC Renewal (2017/2018) (Updated 21/02/17)

Problems with Online Register (Updated 21/02/17)

New Fee Schedule published

The revised Continuing Competence Programme...

"Consulting a Psychologist" posters (and brochures) now available in five languages

Cultural Advice Reference Groups (now recruiting)...

Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings...

The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated)...


APC Renewal (2017/2018) - updated 21/02/17

We are still experiencing problems launching the Board's new online system for APC applications (new and renewals) and non-practising declarations. It should, however, be up and running by February 28th. A renewal notice will be posted to all current APC holders as soon as the system is ready to go. You can also check this news story for updates.

We recommend that all practitioners renew their APCs no later than March 21st.

The new system requires payment by credit card or account-to-account transfer, and will immediately email the applicant a confirmation message and printable receipt.

If you experience any problems with the new system, please contact us immediately on info@nzpb.org.nz.

Posted 16/02/17. Updated 21/02/17.


Problems with Online Register

The Board have recently (11/01/17) transitioned to a new database. We are experiencing a few technical issues with data migration and the integration of our financial system. If you experience any difficulties using the Online Register, or note that it contains incorrect information about you, please check back at the end of February. If there are still problems then, please contact us directly. If your need is more urgent, please feel free to contact us now. Our thanks for your patience and understanding.

Posted 11/02/17. Updated 21/02/17.


New Fee Schedule published

The Fee Schedule for 2017/2018, which comes into force on 13/02/17, has now been published. To view the new schedule, click here.

Posted 11/02/17.


The revised Continuing Competence Programme for 2016/2017

Last year the Board sought comment from psychologists and other stakeholders on proposed changes to the Continuing Competence Programme (CCP). The Board subsequently considered the feedback and formally adopted changes to the CCP at their meetings in August 2015.  

In summary, the changes made (effective for the 2016/2017 APC year) are:

  • The basic steps of the current CCP have been retained.
  • APC holders are now required to keep a (simple, basic) CCP log book.
  • Supervisors are required to take on more responsibility for ensuring the quality of their supervisee’s CCP participation.
  • Audits of CCP participation will be kept simple, and will normally involve just a review of the practitioner’s log book(s) and declaration(s).
  • A more detailed (but still simply worded) annual statutory declaration will be required from each APC applicant, and must be counter-signed by the supervisor.
  • The Board will continue to audit 20% of APC applicants each year (beginning in 2017).
  • Practitioners in their first year of practice will be required to participate in the CCP.

These changes are reflected in the new CCP Guide for Participants, which can be downloaded here, and which was posted to all current APC holders in mid-February with the annual APC renewal reminder. A new Declaration Form is included as Appendix 2 to the new Guide. A sample of the new audit form can also be viewed here.

**UPDATE**: Two optional templates to provide guidance and reassurance about what the Board expects to be recorded in practitioners' Log Books have now been published (and can be downloaded by clicking on the following highlighted links). Optional template 1 (pdf Word) provides only for recording of the bare minimum information required by the Board. Optional template 2 (pdf Word) provides for one further (non-mandatory) category of information (Learning Plans) to also be recorded. Practitioners are not required to use either of these templates if they prefer to record their CCP activities in some other format. (For more information about what must be recorded, see page 10 of the CCP Guide for Participants.)

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 02/09/15. Updated 22/12/15, 10/02/16, 01/03/16, 14/04/16.


Cultural Advice Reference Groups (still recruiting)

The Board continue to recruit members for our new Cultural Advice Reference Groups, especially the Māori group. Two groups will be formed, one specific to Māori and the other for all other major cultural groupings in New Zealand. They will provide cultural advice and/or peer review on relevant issues under consideration by the Psychologists Board. It is intended that each group will include psychologists, students, and/or non-psychologists from all regions of New Zealand. If you are interested in serving on one of the groups, please review the DRAFT Terms of Reference and then contact Steve Osborne.

Updated 03/01/17


"Consulting a Psychologist" posters (and brochures) now available in five languages

The Board have produced a poster to inform potential clients about the services psychologists offer, what can be expected of a psychologist, and a client's basic rights. A brief outline of the role of the Board is also provided. To view, print, or download the poster just click on the version you want:

Brochure versions of the information are also be available for order from info@nzpb.org.nz (subject line: Brochure). The brochures have been made available to other organisations (such as Citizen's Advice Bureaus and DHBs) that can help distribute them.

Posted 04/04/16. Updated 02/08/16


Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings

A summary of the most recent meeting (22/11/16) of the Psychology Profession Advisory Forum (PPAF) can be downloaded here. For those unfamiliar with PPAF, the relevant Terms of Reference can also be downloaded here.

A summary of the most recent Psychology Workforce Group (PWG) meeting (22/11/16) can be downloaded here. The Terms of Reference for PWG can be downloaded here.  

Last updated on 03/01/17


The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated 02/08/16)

At the 5th International Congress on Licensure, Certification and Credentialing of Psychologists it was decided to continue the development of “a global agreement on identifying the benchmark competencies that define professional psychology”. The project was named the “International Project on Competence in Psychology” (IPCP). A core Work Group of 10 individuals from around the world was established, including Moana Waitoki and Steve Osborne from New Zealand. A much broader (global) Reference Group/Network of more than 250 interested parties was also established.

After three years of work and broad consultation, the Work Group recently published the "International Declaration on Competences in Professional Psychology". Both the Board of Directors of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and the General Assembly of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) have subsequently adopted the Declaration.

A final report is now being prepared by the Working Group and it is expected that a website will be established (likely under IAAP’s auspices) to promote the document. The Board believes that the Declaration should prove useful for the next review of our own prescribed core competencies. (That review is expected to occur within the next 2 years.)

A copy of the final version of the Declaration can be downloaded here. The Final Report of the Work Group will be posted here once published.

Questions about this project can be forwarded to Steve Osborne.

Last updated on 02/08/16

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