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APC Renewal...

Updated Record Keeping Guidelines published...

Update re the first major review of the Psychologists Board's Accreditation Standards and Procedures...

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APC Renewal

APC Renewal reminders were sent out in mid-February to all holders of current (2013/2014) Annual Practising Certificates. We remind practitioners that a late fee (NZ$102) will be included to process renewal applications received after March 31 and that APCs cannot be back-dated. Any practice within the broad scope of psychology while not holding a current APC is unlawful and may be subject to disciplinary action.

APCs and receipts are printed in batches, so there is a time delay, sometimes of up to two weeks, before you will receive your APC and receipt in the mail. In order to ensure that your application is processed and you receive your APC by April 1, you should have submitted your application for renewal no later than March 17.

We hope that you will choose to renew via our website facility as it is faster, easier, and lowers our costs (and subsequently your future fees). Please also take this opportunity to update and complete your information on the Register (to ensure compliance with sections 140 and 141 of the HPCA Act and to assist with workforce planning).

If you will not be practising in 2014/2015, please complete the "Register Maintenance" section of the form (in hard copy or online). Many thanks in advance for your efforts to make the renewal process smooth and efficient.

Posted on 17/02/14. Last updated 08/04/14.


Updated Record Keeping Guidelines published

Following a period of consultation on draft revisions (regarding storage of information in the "cloud"), the Board has approved publication of a revised Best Practice Guideline on Keeping Records of Psychological Services. Our thanks to all who provided feedback. The new guideline can be downloaded here.


Update re the first major review of the Psychologists Board's Accreditation Standards and Procedures

On October 10, 2013 the Board announced its first major review of the Standards and Procedures for Accreditation, which were first developed in collaboration with University Heads of Department, the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists, and the New Zealand Psychological Society back in 2005. Stakeholders were invited to contact us to express interest in participating in the review. The initial survey of persons directly involved with our accreditation processes was completed earlier this year, and the raw results (in full, summary, and Executive Summary form) are now available for review. (Just click on the version you wish to view.) Our sincere thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey and share their thoughts with us.

The Accreditation Review Working Party met recently to review the survey results, to generate some proposed changes based on the feedback received, and to confirm the next steps in the review. The Board’s secretariat will now produce a revised draft of the Standards and Procedures which, with a covering document, will clearly outline some possible changes to be explored. That document will be sent to all accreditation stakeholders, along with an invitation to attend one of the focus group meetings to be held in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and (possibly) Dunedin. (Dates for the focus group meetings will be finalised in consultation with attendees, but will likely be in mid- to late June.) The Board will then produce a (further revised) draft which will be published for a final, broad consultation.

Posted on 30/03/14


Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings

A summary of the latest (quarterly) meeting of the Psychology Profession Advisory Forum (PPAF) (18/02/14) can be downloaded here. For those unfamiliar with PPAF, the relevant Terms of Reference can also be downloaded here.

A summary of the most recent Psychology Workforce Group (PWG) meeting can be downloaded here. The Terms of Reference for PWG can be downloaded here.  

Last updated on 11/03/14.



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