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REMINDER! APC Renewal for 2015/2016

Consultation on Best Practice Guideline: "Informed Consent"...

Revised Best Practice Guideline: "Use of Psychometric Tests"...

Review of the Board’s Continuing Competence Programme…

Grand-Parenting into the 'Counselling Psychologist' scope...

NZQA Updated 'SAC' form...

Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings...

The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated)...



REMINDER! APC renewal for 2015/2016

All psychologists should renew their Annual Practising Certificates for the coming year by no later than 23 March 2015. Please note that APCs cannot be renewed after 31 March, and a higher application fee will be charged from 1 April. Any practice without a current APC is unlawful, and may have serious employment, service contract, and/or disciplinary consequences.

Please note that the Board did not mail out hard copies of the renewal forms this year, and expect instead that practitioners will use the (much more efficient) online process. In order for an application to be considered complete, the appropriate fee must also have been received by the Board.

We ask that you also help us to improve the accuracy of the data we hold about you by updating your information online, in preparation for our move to a new database later in the year.

Our thanks in advance for your cooperation with this important process.

Posted 20/02/15. Updated 02/03/15, 18/03/15.


Consultation on Best Practice Guideline: "Informed Consent"

The Board are seeking comment on a new, proposed Best Practice Guideline dealing with the subject of "Informed Consent". The draft guideline can be downloaded here. Please send your comments to Anne Goodhead by post (PO Box 10-626 Wellington 6143) or email. The deadline for submissions is April 24th.

Posted 08/03/15.


Revised Best Practice Guideline: "Use of Psychometric Tests"

A revised version of the "Use of Psychometric Tests" guidelines, incorporating advice re the use of online services, was adopted in March 2015.  They can be downloaded here.

Posted 08/03/15.


Review of the Board’s Continuing Competence Programme

The Board established the present Continuing Competence Programme (CCP) as part of its responsibility under the HPCA Act to assure competent practice in order to protect the public. We promised that a review of the CCP would be carried out at the completion of five years’ use (one complete audit cycle). That review is now underway.

As part of the review, Frank O’Connor (a former President of the NZPsS) and John Bushnell (a former President of the NZCCP) have been engaged to independently undertake a survey exploring practitioners’ experience with the CCP. On the basis of the data collected, they have prepared a report and recommendations focused on:

  •  meeting the requirements of the Act,
  •  minimisation of the compliance burden on registrants,
  •  suitability of the programme to the full range of activities conducted by psychologists, and
  •  sustainability of the audit process.

The Board recently received the report and will now consider what changes could be made to the CCP and what further consultation should be conducted in regard to any proposed changes. A further update can be expected in late May.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 06/11/14. Updated 19/12/14, 05/01/15, 20/02/15.


Grand-Parenting into the ‘Counselling Psychologist’ Scope

The Psychologists Board recently adopted a set of core competencies for the Counselling Psychologist scope of practice. We are therefore now able to consider applications for registration in the scope from practitioners who do not hold the required academic qualifications, but who have been safely practising within the area described by the scope for an extended period. A revised vocational scope application form for this purpose is now available (click here to download a copy).

NB: Applications based on the grand-parenting pathway will only be accepted until 31 March 2016. This pathway into the scope will be discontinued from 1 April 2016.

Grand-parenting criteria:

1. The applicant must already be registered or eligible for registration in the Psychologist scope.

2. The applicant must have practised mainly within the area described by the Counselling Psychologist Scope for at least three of the past five years.

3. The applicant must have had regular professional supervision appropriate for his or her work in the scope.

4. The applicant must currently be fit for registration in terms of section 16 of the HPCA Act.

5. The applicant must not have any current competence notifications against them.

6. If the applicant has previously been the subject of any complaints or competence notifications, the details of those (considered individually and/or collectively) must not reflect adversely on his or her current fitness to practice as a Counselling Psychologist.   

Evidence required to support a grand-parenting application:

  • A completed application form (including statutory declaration).
  • A detailed work history for the relevant time period.
  • A letter of support from each relevant supervisor.

If you have any concerns or questions please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 06/11/14


New Zealand Qualifications Authority: updated form for Special Assessment Conditions applications

Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) relate to the assistance that entitled students may use for NCEA assessments (for internal standards as well as external exams), such as reader, writer/computer and extra time.

Psychologists who assess secondary students and recommend SAC for qualifications have usually assisted the schools by summarising their findings on a specific form, the "Mandatory Data Summary Sheet for Registered Assessors". This is now obsolete.

The replacement form "SAC Data Summary Sheet for Assessors and Schools" exactly matches all the fields for the on-line applications that schools make on behalf of the student, but psychologists complete only the sections relevant to their recommendations. NZQA requests that psychologists in future always download the latest version through the 'SAC Forms and Guides' link on the Special Assessment landing page at www.nzqa.govt.nz/sac.

Posted on behalf of the NZQA 24/02/15


Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings

A summary of the most recent meeting (17/02/15) of the Psychology Profession Advisory Forum (PPAF) can be downloaded here. For those unfamiliar with PPAF, the relevant Terms of Reference can also be downloaded here.

A summary of the most recent Psychology Workforce Group (PWG) meeting (18/11/14) can be downloaded here. The Terms of Reference for PWG can be downloaded here.  

Last updated on 09/03/15.


The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated)

At the 5th International Congress on Licensure, Certification and Credentialing of Psychologists it was decided to continue the development of “a global agreement on identifying the benchmark competencies that define professional psychology”.  (See Report of the Congress Part 1, September 2014). The project has been named the “International Project on Competence in Psychology” (IPCP). A core Work Group of 10 individuals from around the world has been established, including Moana Waitoki and Steve Osborne from New Zealand. A much broader (global) Reference Group/Network of more than 200 interested parties has also been established, and continues to grow.

The Work Group met on 12 July 2014 to consider feedback from the broader Reference Group and from attendees at the IPCP sessions at the ICAP Conference (Paris, 11 July) on a draft progress report (with Reference Group comments showing), a collation of all reviewer's comments, and a version of the report showing Moana Waitoki's comments (many of which were specific to cultural issues). (Just click on the version to download and view.)

The Working Group also met on 22 & 23 September (Oslo) to progress the next iteration of the document, now referred to as the draft "International Declaration on Competences in Professional Psychology". A revised draft progress report was subsequently prepared, and was circulated to members of the global Reference Group. A copy of that report (including the draft competences) can be downloaded here.

The Working Group's most recent meeting was in Auckland on February 13 & 14, 2015. Great progress was made on the preparation of a final draft document, which will be presented to the IAAP and IUPsyS in July. Those organisations will consider and (possibly) further revise the Declaration, and the final version will be launched at the International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama (July 2016).

Questions about this project can be forwarded to Steve Osborne.

Last updated on 18/03/15.

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