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The Board's offices are moving...

New fees adopted...

Consultation on a Proposed Scope of Practice for Neuropsychology...

The revised Continuing Competence Programme...

Changes made to the Board's Accreditation Standards and Procedures…

Grand-Parenting into the 'Counselling Psychologist' scope...

Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings...

The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated)...


The Board's offices are moving (February 19th)

After several years of planning and close collaboration, on Friday, February 19th, ten regulatory authorities will be colocating to new offices on Level 5, 22 Willeston Street, Wellington. (Please note that all of our other contact details will remain unchanged.)

The Psychologists Board's offices will be closed on Friday, February 19th, for the move and there may still be some disruptions to service on Monday, February 22nd, as we settle in to our new home. Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused. If you experience difficulty reaching us on our main number (04 471 4580), please call Steve Osborne on 0274 199 205.


New fees adopted

The Board recently carried out a very detailed review of the fees and levy it charges, and consulted all stakeholders on the changes it subsequently proposed (see consultation document here). Our sincere thanks again to all who made submissions.

Based on our analysis and the feedback received, the Board has adopted a new fee schedule which will take effect from February 11th, 2016. A preview copy of the new schedule can be downloaded here. The schedule includes a mix of new and revised fees, and some fees have been discontinued (see below).

The changes reflect more robust adherence to a “user pays” approach for certain administrative services (rather than loading these costs onto all practitioners’ Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) fees) and fees that more accurately reflect the cost of providing the related service. This approach has, for example, brought the price of an application for registration from an NZ graduate down in price from $441 to $185.

The new fees include:

  • a subsidised 12-month APC application fee for new graduates ($350 compared to $485 or $420).
  • different fees for applicants with qualifications from “prescribed” versus “non-prescribed” countries (which replace the previous single fee for all other countries).
  • a fee for applications (from a practitioner who is already registered) for a vocational scope of practice.
  • a fee for an application to return to practice after three (or more) years without an APC.
  • short-term (1 and 3 month) APC and disciplinary levy options.
  • fees for replacement of an APC and documents searches.
  • a (heavily subsidised) fee for an application for the Board to review a delegate’s decision.

Due to the high costs involved, from 01/04/16 the Board will no longer be offering “Non-Binding Assessments” of overseas qualifications, but will instead publish a simple form that practitioners who completed their training overseas can use to self-assess their potential eligibility for registration in New Zealand. (The form will be published no later than 15/02/16.)

NB: APC holders are reminded that an APC can only be renewed for the following year prior to March 31st. From April 1st each year practitioners can only apply for a new APC, which requires the completion of a different form and attracts a higher cost. We encourage you to apply for renewal of your current APC (online, via the Board’s website) no later than March 21st.

Posted 05/01/16. Updated 14/01/16, 19/01/16.


Consultation on a Proposed Scope of Practice for Neuropsychology

The Board is currently conducting a consultation on a proposed new vocational scope of practice for neuropsychology. A consultation document is available for download here, and the (brief) online survey can be completed here. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31ST, 2016.

 Posted 05/10/15 Updated 30/11/15, 05/01/16


The revised Continuing Competence Programme for 2016/2017

The Board recently sought comment from psychologists and other stakeholders on proposed changes to the Continuing Competence Programme (CCP). The proposals were outlined in a consultation paper that can be downloaded here, and that was mailed to all stakeholders in mid-June (2015). The Board subsequently considered the feedback and formally adopted changes to the CCP at their meetings in August.  

In summary, the changes to be made (effective for the 2016/2017 APC year) are:

  • The basic steps of the current CCP will be retained.
  • APC holders will be required to keep a (simple, basic) CCP log book.
  • Supervisors will be asked to take on more responsibility for ensuring the quality of their supervisee’s CCP participation.
  • Audits of CCP participation will be kept simple, and will normally involve just a review of the practitioner’s log book(s) and declaration(s).
  • A more detailed (but still simply worded) annual statutory declaration will be required from each APC applicant, and must be counter-signed by the supervisor.
  • The Board will continue to audit 20% of APC applicants each year.
  • Practitioners in their first year of practice will be required to participate in the CCP.

These changes are reflected in the new CCP Guide for Participants, which can be downloaded here. A new Declaration Form is included as Appendix 2 to the new Guide. A sample of the new audit form can also be viewed here.

In order to allow practitioners time to adjust to these changes, there will be no random audits conducted at the end of the 2015/2016 APC year. The Board also decided that options for online solutions for the CCP will be explored over the coming years.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 02/09/15. Updated 22/12/15.


Changes made to the Board's Accreditation Standards and Procedures

The Board recently sought comment from all stakeholders on proposed changes to its Accreditation Standards and Procedures (S&P). The proposals were outlined in a consultation paper that was emailed to key stakeholders in mid-June 2015. The Board have considered the feedback received and have adopted a reduced and rationalised set of standards that are more closely tied to the Board's core mandate (protection of the public). The Accreditation Committee have also finalised the new procedures, and the new version of the full S&P can be downloaded here.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 02/09/15. Updated 01/01/16, 10/01/16.


Grand-Parenting into the ‘Counselling Psychologist’ Scope

The Psychologists Board recently adopted a set of core competencies for the Counselling Psychologist scope of practice. We are therefore now able to consider applications for registration in the scope from practitioners who do not hold the required academic qualifications, but who have (for an extended period) been safely practising within the scope and in keeping with the core competencies that are unique to the scope. A revised vocational scope application form for this purpose is now available (click here to download a copy).

NB: Applications based on the grand-parenting pathway will only be accepted until 31 March 2016. This pathway into the scope will be discontinued from 1 April 2016.

Grand-parenting criteria:

1. The applicant must already be registered or eligible for registration in the Psychologist scope.

2. The applicant must have practised mainly within the Counselling Psychologist Scope (as described by the Board) and in keeping with the with the core competencies that are unique to the scope, for at least three of the past five years.

3. The applicant must have had regular professional supervision appropriate for his or her work in the scope.

4. The applicant must currently be fit for registration in terms of section 16 of the HPCA Act.

5. The applicant must not have any current competence notifications against them.

6. If the applicant has previously been the subject of any complaints or competence notifications, the details of those (considered individually and/or collectively) must not reflect adversely on his or her current fitness to practice as a Counselling Psychologist.   

Evidence required to support a grand-parenting application:

  • A completed application form (including statutory declaration).
  • A detailed work history for the relevant time period.
  • A letter of support from each relevant supervisor.
  • Your evidence should clearly describe how your practice is informed by and is consistent with the core competencies (including the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings) of the Counselling Psychologist scope.

If you have any concerns or questions please call us on 04 471 4580 or email us.

Posted 06/11/14. Updated 09/04/15, 07/05/15.


Summary of latest PPAF and PWG meetings

A summaryof the most recent meeting (23/11/15) of the Psychology Profession Advisory Forum (PPAF) can be downloaded here. For those unfamiliar with PPAF, the relevant Terms of Reference can also be downloaded here.

A summary of the most recent Psychology Workforce Group (PWG) meeting (18/08/15) can be downloaded here. The Terms of Reference for PWG can be downloaded here.  

Last updated on 10/12/15.


The International Project on Competence in Psychology (updated 05/10/15)

At the 5th International Congress on Licensure, Certification and Credentialing of Psychologists it was decided to continue the development of “a global agreement on identifying the benchmark competencies that define professional psychology”.  (See Report of the Congress Part 1, September 2014). The project has been named the “International Project on Competence in Psychology” (IPCP). A core Work Group of 10 individuals from around the world has been established, including Moana Waitoki and Steve Osborne from New Zealand. A much broader (global) Reference Group/Network of more than 200 interested parties has also been established, and continues to grow.

The Work Group met on 12 July 2014 to consider feedback from the broader Reference Group and from attendees at the IPCP sessions at the ICAP Conference on a draft progress report (with Reference Group comments showing), a collation of all reviewer's comments, and a version of the report showing Moana Waitoki's comments (many of which were specific to cultural issues). (Just click on the version to download and view.)

The Work Group then met on 22 & 23 September 2014 to progress the next iteration of the document, now referred to as the draft "International Declaration on Competences in Professional Psychology". A revised draft progress report was subsequently prepared, and was circulated to members of the global Reference Group. A copy of that report (including the draft competences) can be downloaded here.

The Work Group's most recent meeting was in Auckland on February 13 & 14, 2015. A final draft was produced, which was subsequently presented at the European Congress of Psychology in Milan in July. The Work Group's Third Progress Report and draft Declaration can be downloaded here. The Reference Group and the two sponsoring organisations (the IAAP and IUPsyS) are now considering the final draft, with feedback due on December 1st. The Work Group will meet for the final time in February 2016 to finalise the Declaration, which will then be launched at the International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama (July 2016).

Questions about this project can be forwarded to Steve Osborne.

Last updated on 05/10/15.

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