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Remaining on the New Zealand Register of Psychologists

Psychologists who cease practising in New Zealand for an extended period can pay a Register Maintenance fee to remain on the Register (and continue to receive Board publications and communications), or they can ask (in writing or online) to have their entry (temporarily) cancelled.  If remaining on the Register, they should provide the Board with a current contact address (see notification section below). Psychologists who are overseas will not receive an Annual Practising Certificate Renewal Notice. Psychologists who return to practise in New Zealand will need to request that their entry in the Register be restored (if applicable), and will need to apply for a Practising Certificate.


Notification of changes to Practising Status, Address, or Name

You can login here to update your details and/or to make a non-practising declaration.


Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing can be requested from the New Zealand Psychologists Board. This Certificate records registration details, whether a current Practicing Certificate is held, and notes that the practitioner has no outstanding complaints or competence matters. It will be signed and dated by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar. This document helps authorities and prospective employers to determine whether or not a psychologist is a fit and proper person for registration.

The cost of this document, and any other document required for the purpose of seeking registration overseas from the Board, can be viewed here. Please email our Registration staff to apply for a certificate. The Certificate and a receipt will be mailed to you within 5 business days. 

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