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Please be sure to update your details on the Register

All Psychologists are required by law to ensure that the Board's Registrar has their current postal, residential, and (if applicable) work addresses. [Refer section 140 of the HPCA Act.]

If the Board loses contact with you (e.g., has mail returned or unanswered), a process is triggered that may result in your name being removed from the Register. [Refer section 144 of the HPCA Act.]

Please note that some information you supply may have to be verified before it appears on the Register. We will contact you if that is the case.

If you wish to update details that do not appear on the following form (e.g., academic qualifications), please contact us directly.

Applying for a practising certificate

After logging in, please take a few moments to ensure that the information about you on the Register is correct. You can then click on the tab labelled "Practising Certificates" to

  • apply for a current practising certificate, or
  • complete a non-practising declaration. 

If you wish to apply for a short-term APC only (3 months or less), please contact us for the appropriate form.

Not practising this year?

If you do not intend to practise in the current or coming APC year, you can login to complete the necessary declaration and (if you choose to stay on the Register) pay the Register Maintenance fee. After logging in, please take a few moments to ensure that the information about you on the Register is correct and complete. Then click on the "Practising Certificate" tab and choose the "Make a declaration..." option.

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