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While the vast majority of psychologists can be counted on to provide highly competent and ethical service, there have unfortunately been times when a psychologist's conduct or competence has been of such great concern that (following appropriate investigations and hearings, and only after careful consideration of all of the options available) the Board or the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) determined that a period of suspension was warranted.

It may be that the practitioner's practising certificate was suspended pending some condition being fulfilled (e.g., further training) or his or her registration may have been either suspended or cancelled. In each of these cases the practitioner has been left in a position where it is unlawful to practise as a psychologist (or under some other title while carrying out tasks that are within the scope of psychology).

We have compiled the following lists for easy reference because it is important that the public be able to easily determine the status of any practitioner they are considering consulting. Please note that suppression orders made by the HPDT or by a court has prevented the inclusion of some practitioners on these lists.


The following is a list of psychologists whose practising certificate is currently suspended:

None currently publishable.


The following is a list of practitioners who were previously registered as psychologists, but whose registration has been either suspended (S) or cancelled (C):

      None currently publishable.


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