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One of the most important mechanisms provided by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 to protect members of the public is title protection. Only practitioners who are currently registered with (and who are therefore accountable to) the Psychologists Board can legally use the title “Psychologist”. It is crucial that members of the public can trust that a practitioner using a protected title has been determined to be competent and fit to practise and is accountable to a government-mandated regulatory authority for their practice.

If you are aware of any person who is not registered using the title "Psychologist" (by itself or in combination with other words), please contact us immediately.

Psychologists must also hold a current practising certificate to lawfully practise the profession. You can use the search tool below to see if a practitioner is registered as a psychologist and/or holds a current practising certificate. A list of practitioners who have been suspended can be viewed here.

Practitioners can be removed from the Register for a variety of reasons. Some ask to be removed when they retire or move overseas, while others are removed when the Board loses touch with them due to out-of-date or otherwise incorrect address details. Removal may also be the result of fitness, competence, or conduct processes. Any questions about a practitioner who has been removed from the Register can be forwarded to the Registrar.

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Surname starts with 'U'

Practitioners NameStatus
UBELS, Ms Estelle NoelineRegistered, current practising certificate
UECKERMANN, Mrs Amanda ReneRegistered, current practising certificate
ULLOA CERON, Dr Maria LuisaRegistered, current practising certificate
UMALI, Dr Melissa MarieRegistered, current practising certificate
URGERT, Miss Samantha JaneRegistered, current practising certificate
URLWIN, Mrs Prudence Mary EleanorRegistered, current practising certificate
URLWIN, Mrs KaleenaRegistered, current practising certificate
URQUHART, Mrs Teresa HeidiRegistered, current practising certificate
URTONE, Dr MiaRegistered, not practising (in default)
USSHER, Miss Sarah RosemaryRegistered, current practising certificate
UTHAMAPUTHIRAN, Mrs VineethaRegistered, current practising certificate
UYS, Mr Hendrik Michael GroblerRegistered, but not practising
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