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Gina Giannios is the Board's Professional Standards Coordinator. She administers or helps to administer those sections of the HPCA Act that deal with competence, fitness to practice, and other concerns about registered psychologists. The role includes the administration of the Board’s accreditation processes for university- and agency-based training programmes as well as the coordination of the Continuing Competence Programme annual audit. From May 1st 2018 she will also have primary responsibility for processing applications for registration from NZ-trained practitioners, and for dealing with related enquiries.

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Anne Goodhead (Clinical Psychologist) is the Board’s Psychology Advisor (Competence, Conduct, and Fitness). She advises the Board, the Secretariat, and the wider psychology community on professional aspects of complaints, competence, fitness, and registration matters, as well as any other issues arising that impact on the psychology profession. Her role includes the development work on proactively maintaining competence and professional standards through the Continuing Competence Programme and best practice guidelines. She also takes the lead role in setting up Competence Reviews and Programmes. She is a member of the Accreditation Committee, develops policy advisory papers, and liaises with stakeholder groups. Anne is the usual first point of contact for psychologists who want to discuss professional matters of concern.

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Frances Hamilton (Clinical Psychologist) is the Board’s Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Registrar.  Appointed in May 2017, Frances supports the Chief Executive and Registrar in meeting all the functions and requirements of the HPCA Act, operationalising the Board’s strategic plans, and ensuring the secretariat runs smoothly and effectively. Frances chairs both the Accreditation Committee (providing accreditation and monitoring of training programmes) and the Parts 3 and 4 Committee (which considers matters related to competence, fitness to practice, and complaints). Before retraining as a psychologist, Frances qualified in law and held quasi-legal roles involving dispute resolution, complaint investigation, and statutory interpretation.

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Steve Osborne (Clinical Psychologist) is the Board’s Chief Executive and Registrar. He is responsible for the overall management of the Board’s Secretariat, ensuring the effective implementation of the statutory functions of the HPCA Act (2003) and meeting of the Board’s strategic objectives. Steve has been involved in the regulation of the psychology profession (domestically and internationally) since 1995.

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Jo Pugh is the Board’s Administrative Assistant. She undertakes general office duties, maintains records and computer files, co-ordinates meetings and functions, undertakes projects, processes applications for registration from overseas-trained practitioners, and assists the rest of the team as required. She draws on extensive experience from her previous career as a retail banker with a strong focus on customer service and administrative processes.

03/08/18 - Consultation on revised Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision

The date for the Consultation on the Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision has been extended to Friday 2nd November 2018. Please provide any feedback by emailing Anne Goodhead.


Please note that some of the email links on our website are malfunctioning at present. Our web consultants are working on a fix. In the meantime, if you try a link and it appears to freeze and not send, please use your regular email programme to send your message to [email protected] instead and we'll make sure it gets to the right staff member. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

09/07/18 - Family Court Practice Note updated

The Family Court have issued a slightly revised version of their "Family Court Practice Note - Specialist Report Writers". It can be downloaded here. The changes intend to address concerns raised about the lack of communication between Lawyers for Children and Specialist Report Writers.

06/03/18 - Consultation on revised Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision

The Board invites feedback on the revised Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision. The guidelines have been modified with particular focus on models of learning via supervision, cultural and bicultural competence, and supervision for interns/trainees. more...

01/02/18 - **UPDATED** Establishing a scope of practice for Health Psychology

As previously reported, the Board have determined to establish a scope of practice for Health Psychology. Two rounds of consultation were completed to determine details of the scope (title, qualifcations, core competences, grand-parenting pathway), and the Board will be considering the feedback received in the second round at its meeting in May. An update will be provided here soon thereafter.

14/02/18 - Applications for the Neuropsychologist scope of practice

The Board is now accepting applications for the Neuropsychologist scope of practice. Application forms can be downloaded here. More information about the application process can be viewed here.

12/07/18 - Summary of most recent PPAF and PWF Meetings

A summary of the most recent (quarterly) meetings of PPAF and PWF can be downloaded... more

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Current Consultations

Consultation on revised Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision

The Board invites feedback on the revised Best Practice Guidelines on Supervision. The guidelines have been modified with particular focus on models of learning via supervision, cultural and bicultural competence, and supervision for interns/trainees. The objectives of this review are to update and increase the usefulness of the document. The revised draft guidelines can be viewed or downloaded here. Please provide any feedback by Friday, 2nd November by emailing Anne Goodhead or [email protected]. The Board hope to finalise the guideline at their meeting in late November.

Posted 05/07/18

Consultation on pdf APCs, electronic newsletters, and CCP templates.

We are currently seeking feedback on the following three proposals:

  • Replacing hard-copy APCs with pdfs that would be automatically emailed along with the payment receipt.
  • Moving to electronic (emailed) newsletters, possibly with more frequent publication.
  • Streamlining the CCP audit process by making the current optional submission template mandatory for audit participants.

Please note that this survey will close on August 12th. It can be accessed at

Posted 05/07/18

Upcoming Consultations

A series of consultations regarding proposed changes to the Board’s registration standards and procedures will be conducted over the coming year. Please check here often for updates and news of other consultations. The Board greatly appreciates your time and effort, and carefully considers all feedback received.